Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to make 3d images?

Clicking 3D stereo image was a dream in the transition period of photography. However, with the development of better means and smarter techniques, it becomes really easy for any photographer to make customized and interesting pictures that say a thousand words. The principle to develop the 3D design is very simple and can be used by all. Click two shots of pictures for both eyes and superimpose both the pictures in a computer to get the real feel. By wearing cheap red-cyan glasses, you can see independent images that are transmitted to each eye and viewers see a stereo 3D image.

Hence, for getting a 3D stereo image, you don’t need stereo camera. In fact, making of two images can be possible with a single camera. You can use infra-red remote control or cable release for synchronization. Load the images on the computer and make colorful 3D images readily.

Viewing of 3D Images:
It is important to get special 3D red-cyan glasses in order to view the 3D anaglyph. Paper glasses are very cheap. There are many sources wherein you can get a cheap match or red-cyan glasses for free.

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