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GDS Facilities Management (FM) software!!

The Informatix Software International GDS Facilities Management (FM) software is designed to enable the busy FM department to plan, track and manage Moves, Additions and Changes (IMAC) across the entire business estate. GDS FM is incorporated with the MicroGDS Plus multi users CAD program, the ability for FM departments or stake holders to work in a collaborative way ensures the high levels of productivity and accurate data required for successful IMAC implementations.

Comprehensive graphic and alphanumeric data inside a single set of drawing are the repository of all your data because the drawings are stored within a SQL dBase, GDS FM graphically represents this data quickly and easily. The SQL database allows for numerous databases to link to the drawings displaying the data the organisation may require, and example of this would be:

Desk Asset 1234 is located on floor 3, South Corner, by then clicking on the desk on the CAD drawing the user could display the following information (Only with the correct authorisation levels):
  • User John Smith (with Picture, this could be used by security at front desk for random ID Checks or lost/forgotten passes)

  • IT Assets (data taken from Openview, Tivoli, LANDesk etc):

    • HP Laptop asset number 23456

    • MS Office

    • AV

    • Etc

  • Payroll ID (taken from SAP or Oracle etc)

  • HR Details (taken from SAP or Oracle etc)

  • Cost centre

  • Is desk shared and cross charge

  • SQ footage of desk, or office

  • Power consumption of PC (taken from Verdiem or IE) for cross charge

This data can all be accessed by authorised FM departments or Department Managers based on access rights.

The GDS FM software will allow smooth IMAC planning, the ability to simulate moves ensure that once departments are moved there will be no disruption on the first working day after the move, the ability to accurately show habitable office space can save companies money on business rates, the unique ability of MicroGDS to calculate this instantly in feet, meters, inches etc is a useful tool for FM departments to manage occupancy accurately and allows more accurate cross charging where appropriate.

GDS FM is a software solution that empowers users to make the most of office space, track a magnitude of assets, and also where appropriate keep documentation on maintenance schedules, pictorial references and other important data, all stored with one CAD tool.

How Does it Work?

Flexibility in calculating areas in Sq ft
Truly Multi-User functionality/product
Draw and delete changes seamlessly
All changes automatically update all users on the project/move

Easy to organise information in layers within a single plan drawing to easily query data from any number of attributes

Automated cross charging and cost modelling

Area by Department/Cost centre
Common Areas
Hot Desks

Move Simulations
Powerful tools and reports to simulate single and site relocations. Real-time, graphic visualisations of the impacts a move has on time, assets, resources etc...

Multi User
Improved productivity
Allows more stake-holders to be involved in project
Versatile Dbase engine for seamless monitoring of areas and assets and allows for easy management of cross charges and space management (cost centre)

Working Space Interface

On the left: Structured Document Organiser
In the middle: Plan drawing
On the right: Properties/Data Window

Occupancy visualisation and reporting

Easy occupancy viewing and navigation
Simply pan around on the small view window for a full zoom on the live plan

View of two different floor layouts at two different sites on one screen

GDS FM Data driven by Graphics from the Database

A truly multi-user solution.

Ability to visualise different types and levels of data simultaneously from the same plan drawing
Top: Blue furniture relates to a particular Cost Centre
Bottom: Brown colour shows data by type of furniture

Query Libraries

Seamless reporting:
Effectively manage the business’s overall operating and maintenance costs. Report on areas, assets, occupancy rates, health & safety, fire hazard compliance, security and more ....
Health & Safety:fire extinguishers / sprinkler systems
Accounting: Cost centre breakdown
Areas: Sq ft utilisation
Office space: Gross or Net Sq ft usage for accurate council tax reporting
Hot Desks Management: Booking and Cost Centre cross charging
Utilities/Maintenance planning: Power/data/telephone points HVAC-R, plumbing, lighting, furniture, IT equipment
Contingency Planning:In the event of disaster
Security asset trackingTags / Passes / R&I / Security Cameras & Codes


GDS Inventory to easily and accurately input data about all you asses and resources from a printer or a laptop to every single component of a chair or a desk cluster.

Powerful Move-Management tool

Plan, Organise, Simulate, Manage and Communicate your move to all stakeholders
Budget and Cost move projects accurately and efficiently

Example GDS FM French Customer Query


GDS FM has been designed to enhance the offerings to FM Manager to enable them to plan and implement and manage moves and assets within organisation more easily and effectively. The MicroGDS software was one of the first CAD programs to be designed for Microsoft Windows and is available on a Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The ease of use and the ability to manage costs with a company more efficiently enables the software to pay for itself with a very short period of time.

The comprehensive reporting with GDS FM allows for reports to be generate for a number of business purposes, these reports in Access or Excel can be generated daily, weekly etc for easy distribution to business stakeholder allowing organisations to keep abreast of occupancy and assets within their business. MicroGDS unique way it links to SQL databases, and it ability to graphically display data enables member of a company to view data that would be relevant to them or their department, the tool is not just limited to FM, but can be utilised for data display or other information useful to a company, that can be stored in a SQL database format.

MicroGDS has also comes with a Application Development Kit (ADK) this .Net based tool allows companies to developed either in house of through ISI enhanced functionally to GDS FM. GDS FM reads all AutoCAD and Bentley Microstation files as well as other mainstream CAD products, this interoperability allows easy manipulation of existing CAD drawing held within a FM department.

GDS FM is a tool designed for FM departments by a company that understands the need to manage people, assets and data seamlessly and in a proactively and manageable and structured way

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