Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CAD Programs for 3D Rendering

Informatix Software International Limited has launched version 5.1 of Piranesi. It is award winning 3D CAD Rendering software program specially designed for architectural 3D design which allows you to face 3D design with the same simplicity as a traditional 2D Design, and with the same simplicity allows you not only to design but to plan an entire project directly on your personal computer. The result of rendering is a raster image that can show the effect of lights, background, fog, landscape, shadows, materials, etc. The new version is a program with exclusive characteristics that has nothing to fear from any other 3D architectural design program on the market.

Piranesi 5.1 provides photorealistic rendering, non-photorealistic, animation, and publishing for those without 3D visual modeling functionality. It includes advanced publishing tools found in many high-end 3D modeling products like lock highlighting, stroke recording, and image cutout cursor. It provides direct access to Google 3D Warehouse which provides a seamless links to the Sketchup Files which can be used as a cutout. It also supports Sketchup 7 files.

Read more about our 3D CAD Rendering ProgramsPiranesi 5.1”, you can also download a trial version and buy a copy from our store or your nearest reseller.

A image from our Piranesi community.